Some of the goals of therapy

To find ways to love and accept love

How to stop getting stuck in feeling bad about yourself

To create a fuller and happier life

To find ways out of helplessness and the feelings of being overwhelmed

To find a way out of the unnecessary pains, sadness, and losses in our lives

Friday, August 12, 2011


~ Children usually do not blame themselves for getting lost - Anna Freud

Every parent is familiar with the child attributing to some other as the cause of his/her behavior.  One of the tasks of development is to accept authorship for your choices and the life you are creating.  This is  a life long project.  Yet, understanding the stuff that goes into the denial of our authorship is not easy and finding the places where you can begin to choose differently is even more difficult.   Everyone needs caring help to succeed at this.
In psychology this kind of blaming is an instance of a more general way of defending the self called "projection".  see for example: